27th Summit of Heads of State and Government of the AU: the promises of Kigali

In the Rwandan capital, African leaders have decided to give a new breath to the Pan-African organization by adopting a new funding mechanism. They have set the tone from the opening of the work, with the launch of the Pan-African passport.

The 27th Summit of Heads of State and Government of the African Union opened, yesterday, at the convention centre of Kigali, an impressive complex composed of infrastructures for home and ultramodern conference rooms. The president of the Republic, Ibrahim Boubacar Kéïta, who took part in the meeting, is accompanied for the occasion by his wife, Mrs. Keita Aminata Maiga, the Ministers for Foreign Affairs, African Integration, and International Cooperation, Abdoulaye Diop, the economy and finance, Boer Cisse, of Justice, rights and human and Garde des Sceaux, Mr. Mamadou Ishmael Konaté , and the digital economy, Information and Communication, spokesman for the Government, Mr. Mountaga Tall.
Is unpublished: the opening ceremony was preceded by a meeting in camera of the heads of State and Government. The menu exchanges between leaders, the record of the succession of the South Africa, Ms. do Kosazana Dlamini Zuma, at the head of the AU commission. It must be held that the heads of State agree on a method to this subject because it is question of new applications while three personalities were selected as candidates.
This hot issue could make the shade to the official theme of the Summit: "2016: the African year of the human rights with particular attention to women's rights.
The Kigali meeting will also be an opportunity for two days, heads of State, to discuss security issues, financing of the organisation.
The highlight of the ceremony was the launch of the Pan-African passport by presidents Idriss Déby Itno, president of the UA and his Rwandan counterpart, Paul Kagamé, who received the document from the hands of the outgoing President of the commission of the AU, Ms do Kosazana Dlamini Zuma.
In his welcoming remarks, the host of the Summit, Rwandan president, expressed the pride of his country to host this meeting of the AU high-level aims to reflect on the destiny of the continent. For Paul Kagamé, the unit is the only universal value that apply to enable Africa to overcome its challenges. Taking the example of his country, which in 1994 had been devastated by the civil war, he explained the emphasis on national unity, which, today, makes Rwanda a pride.
Turning to the theme of the meeting, the head of the Rwandan State focused on the synergy between men and women for the development of the continent. This synergy is also necessary to combat security threats, deems.

Family photo of the 27th Summit of Heads of State and Government of the African Union

Take its destiny

On the question of the financing of the AU, Paul Kagamé has urged the continent's leaders to political will in order to implement the proposals adopted at the session in camera of the heads of State and Government which preceded the present opening ceremony.
The President of the Pan African Youth Union, Miss Francine Furaha Muyumba, welcomed the interest accorded by the AU in its youth it is at the centre of its development. Note that the AU decided to devote the year 2017 at the youth by encouraging States to invest in this important layer for the future of the continent in accordance with the Agenda 2063.
The President of the Pan African Youth Union wanted the establishment of an African Fund for the development of youth in order to support actions in agriculture, and ICTs and reduce unemployment. She also wished the ratification by States of the African Youth Charter.
The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abass, invited to all sessions of the conference of Heads of State of the continent, thanked the African Union for its support to his country which, for several decades, undergoes injustice on the part of Israel. He wanted a stronger au to help his country regain freedom and independence.
The outgoing President of the commission of the AU, Ms do Kosazana Dlamini Zuma, focused on the hopes of the continent illustrated by the implementation of the Pan-African passport to strengthen unity on the continent. She explained that the Pan-African passport will be initially issued to Ministers and ambassadors and urged States to take measures to expand the document access to populations.
Ms. Zuma denounced the crises which affect the stability of African countries and which call into question the efforts of development. Recalling the context in which this session stands, she deplored the resumption of violence in South Sudan, the persistence of the crisis in Burundi, and the terrorist attacks in our country. She did not fail to congratulate the African heads of State elected or re-elected for the trust placed in them by their people.
The AU will never indifferent to conflicts on the continent and will deploy all means to prevent or bring a lasting solution, said Mrs Zuma for that peace and security are an imperative of the Agenda 2063. It welcomed the actions carried out at the head of the African Union for 4 years and welcomed the involvement of the press for the achievement of the objectives of the Agenda 2063.

Discount African presidents Kagame and Déby Passport

Following Mrs Zuma, the president of the AU, the Chadian president said that the new Pan-African passport is pride. Idriss Déby Itno recalled that the African Union while facing many challenges, has decided to take its destiny in hand and to respond to the aspirations of the people through a new funding mechanism which will be adopted during the work of this conference.
The Chairman of the AU denounced the conflicts on the continent and called on the parties in southern Sudan to respect and ensure respect their commitments taken before the international community. Idriss Déby Itno also wanted the establishment of a special fund to combat terrorism, which will be powered by the States and partners.
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