Ankara and the coalition to launch an offensive against Daesh

The Turkish forces and the international coalition aircraft launched their first offensive coordinated against Daesh in northern Syria, on Wednesday, in an attempt to repel the jihadists away from the Turkish border. The Turkey also aims to prevent the Kurdish militiamen to continue their progress. 

Turkish special forces launched Wednesday an offensive against Daesh (EI) on the Syrian border with the support of aviation and the coalition formed by the United States to combat the Jihadist movement.

"At 4:00 this morning, operations began in northern Syria against terrorist groups who constantly threaten our country, such as ISIS and the PYD," said Chairman Erdogan.

'Shield of the Euphrates', the name of the river close to the scene of the fighting, is the first major Turkish military operation since the failed putsch.

Turkish artillery had previously opened fire to 01 h 00 GMT in the direction of Djarablous, town held by ISIS on the Syrian side. Turkish and U.S. aircraft also bombed the area. Turkish aviation did not intervene in the conflict since the destruction of a Russian Hunter, in November.

Images of CNN Turk broadcast live and touring from the border town of Karkamis, on the Turkish side, show clouds of smoke rising above the area to the northeast of the Syria. There are also Turkish tanks take position at the border cross it, and open fire.

Artillery has targeted 70 targets, and air raids were conducted against a dozen positions of the EIS, while members of the special forces passed the border.

"The goal of the operation is to ensure security at the border and territorial integrity of the Syria while supporting the coalition led by the United States in its fight against the Islamic State", it said, adding that he was also to pave the way for a ground operation.

The Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlut Cavusoglu committed Monday to eliminate the border areas of the Syria Daesh after the attack attributed to the jihadist organization who made 54 dead, including 22 children, Saturday in Gaziantep.

Stop the Kurds, a priority for Ankara

The Turkish Government, which is worried about the success of protection of people (YPG) units, the branch of the PYD, a subsidiary of the PKK in Syria, has also promised to provide all necessary assistance to the Syrian rebels preparing to attack to Djarablous to stand in their road.

The militia seized Tuesday of almost all of Hasaka, in the same area, where they inflicted a severe defeat to pro-Government forces.

YPG, centerpiece of the American campaign against the egg, take a good part of the North of the Syria, which has autonomy in fact since the beginning of the conflict, and advocating for the establishment of a federal system in order to preserve this autonomy, as part of a settlement of the conflict.

They control a band of 400 km along the Turkish border, which goes from the Iraqi border to the Euphrates, as well as a Pocket called Afrin in the Northwest Syrian. Before the taking of Hasaka, Kurdish militiamen had already got a great victory August 12 using Manbij, 40 km south of Djarablous, to the EIS, under the banner of the Democratic Forces in Syria, the alliance supported by the Western powers to which they belong.

In Ankara, there is fear that their successes arouse the ambitions of their Turkish brethren of the workers party of Kurdistan, which took up arms in July 2015 when that president Recep Tayyip Erdogan began a 'synchronized war' against the EI and the terrorists of the PKK.

The head of diplomacy, Mevlut Cavusoglu, urged the Kurdish fighters, which multiply the victories in the North of Syria, to withdraw to the East of the Euphrates, otherwise the Turkey "will do the necessary".

Damascus condemned a violation of its sovereignty

In Damascus, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the military incursion Turkish, speaking of attack on the sovereignty of the country, reported the official Syrian TV.

On the side of Kurdish, Saleh Muslim, leader of the party of the Democratic Union (PYD), said on Twitter that the Turkey put the foot in a "quagmire" in Syria and was likely to undergo a defeat, just like the egg. The Kurdish militia YPG spoke of "blatant aggression in the Syria's internal affairs".

The US vice-president, Joe Biden, arrived in Turkey a few hours after the start of operations. It is the highest US official to visit this country since the coup lack of July 15.

A senior official of the US administration accompanying Joe Biden said that Washington wanted to help the Turkey hunting the IC of the border areas and providing air support to the Turks. The shelling, he said, beat the egg and the Kurdish forces.

The Turkey and the United States hope that by chasing the egg sector, they can deprive the Organization of a path by which, for a long time, she receives foreign fighters and funding through various traffics.

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