Scam visa in Western embassies in Mali and Senegal

When the end of domination and exploitation in excess of poor African countries by the great powers? What about the old colonial metropolises more than fifty years after African independence trying to continue their domination by other means? Top these countries of which France, are maneuvering for a long time and sneaky way to keep us in a situation of uncertainty and total dependence in order to better to deprive us of our meagre resources. All this is contrary to what claimed Mr Nicolas Sarkozy in Dakar. What is happening daily today in certain embassies has no name other than from the scam to oversimplify. Otherwise how can we explain the perception in the undue Western embassies to Africans seeking visas? Why will not reimburse to visa applicants their money when they do not get the precious sesame? They avail themselves under what provision of the Vienna convention and with such arrogance? Africa must wake up to claim a refund of the indus.

That our readers are made an idea of the sum extorted a year to poor citizens seeking visas, we devoted ourselves hammering to make small economic calculations. The figures are astronomical. The amount paid is never paid even in the event of rejection of visa application. The question we ask ourselves is how rich countries can deprive as many poor countries? This practice which should equate to scam should offend all civilized conscience. Follow our revelations:

At the Embassy of the USA, according to well informed sources it would happen not a single day where at least 50 people would report for VISA application. And the height of the ransom, is that everyone is obliged to pay the penny sum 100 000 CFAF to obtain the precious stamp, worth for its holder a residence permit in the country of the melting pot of Uncle Sam. Users do not complain so much the amount that they are never repaid in the event of rejection of their applications. And the worst is that they don't even have right to courteous explanations. The first world economic power has no shame despoil both an Africa that it claims to help?

As the haughty France and colonial neo, unlike the United States, the amount payable is 40 000 F CFA as the rest in all embassies of Schengen countries. But besides the price difference, the modus operandi of scam remains the same. In most of these chanceries, consulates are the same receipts of indus.


In the Consulate of France in Bamako, 100,000 by 50 applicants give 5 million. If you multiply these 5 000 000 by 5 working days of the week, there are 25 million. 25 000 000 multiplied by 4 weeks of the month, the figure becomes amazing, $ 120 million of our francs per month. Then multiplying the 120 million by the 12 months of the year, it gives the staggering figure of CFAF 1 billion. To pay the salary of the staff of the Embassy. This astronomical sum could not help to build more classrooms, health centres or create more jobs?

Unfortunately, as Senegal, the fact remains the same. Consulate of France receives 200 visa applications per day from Monday to Thursday and 150 Friday what makes 950 inquiries per week. If each applicant paid 40 000 non-refundable CFAF, the Consulate empocherait 38 million per week what makes 1 billion CFAF 976 million per year. The problem is that the Consulate does not grant visa to less than 10% of applications.

Why take us with the left hand what we are given by the right hand? And say that these are our own resources that come back to us in public development aid. One can understand and accept for other countries, but never for the France, the mother country of our ancestors the Gauls to which we are bound by history and by the economy that we have issued by the blood of our fathers from the yoke of Nazi occupation. How a president of such a France which so strips us of our resources, he dared say at Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar the African man was not sufficiently tucked into history. This was not only a notorious lack of education but also a sovereign contempt for the contribution of Africa to the industrial and economic development of Europe but also and especially the contribution that was the contribution of the scholar Cheikh Anta Diop in the revival of the black man.

Ultimately, the old quote from General De gaulle is still news to know that the France has no friends, but only interests to defend. Us African understanding that colonization did that change form and that we live today cannot be unmasked and combated by quality education. Colonization is dead, long live the colonization.

Youssouf Sissoko


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