Caravan cultural for the peace 2016 the festival in the desert, in partnership with the Taragalte festival and the festival on the Niger, in the service of the agreement for peace and national reconciliation in Mali

After the crisis of 2012, the festival in the desert became a cultural Caravan for peace in Mali. It is in partnership with the Taragalte of the Morocco festival and the festival on the Niger. Thus, Ségou in Mopti and Timbuktu in the Morocco to finish at Bamako, promoter Manny Ansar wanted to show how […]

MODIBO KEITA SENOU airport the 5.209 thumbnails of counterfeit seizures (worth 623 million FCFA) submitted "for analysis" to senior officials of taxes 7 drones (Mali import prohibited gear) seized from the United States

After the seizure of hundreds of fake stickers bike in April 2014, these are 5 209 thumbnails 2016 counterfeit products seized on February 3, cars that come to be presented, on Thursday, 11 February, a team of service taxes for analysis. In addition to the thumbnails of counterfeit seized in luggage on flight from Beijing, […]