Biden assures that the Americans are the best friends of the Turks

On a visit to Ankara, US Vice President Joe Biden assured his hosts that the United States was not aware of the attempted coup d ' état of 15 July. Accused by the Turkish authorities to be this "superior intelligence" who tried to overthrow the Chairman Tayyip Erdogan through supporters of Fethullah Gülen, the United States are the best allies of the Turkey, argued Biden who explained the delay taken by Obama to condemn the sedition by a moment of incomprehension. "At the time of the event, we didn't know if it was accurate or not, if it was an Internet[sic] game or not", he said. 

He has made visit to the Turkish Parliament, which had been pounded by putschists pilots and gave have admired "the courage of the Turkish people" who went out in the street to protect democracy.

The Turkey wants Gülen but not for the coup, say the USA

Asked about the extradition of Gülen, Biden recalled that the procedure would follow his path to American justice. "We are in cooperation with the Turkish authorities. Our experts work with their Turkish colleagues. They examine the evidence", he said, adding that the United States had" in no way intend to protect a person who nuierait to an allied country "but that they had to"respect the law".

"If a country wants you extradiez a criminal in your country, you have not the right to challenge it," said Erdogan in the morning, adding that a refusal of extradition would not benefit the United States.



The U.S. State Department announced Tuesday, August 23 that Turkey filed a request of extradition on Fethullah Gülen, but not because of the coup lack of July 15 which Ankara accuses him of being the instigator. "We can confirm now that the Turkey has requested the extradition of Gülen", the spokesman for the Department of State Mark Toner told journalists.

U.S. authorities had indicated in recent days that they were studying documents submitted by the Turkey but that they were not able to say if they were a request for extradition. Mark Toner said that the request for extradition submitted by the Turkey was not related to the lack of July putsch, but that she was motivated by events that occurred before the failed putsch. Gulen has lived since 1999 in exile in Pennsylvania.

Before July 15, the Turkey had already presented 84 files on Gulen and his movement to the American authorities and since 15, she sent four others, said last weekend the first Turkish Minister Binali Yildirim.


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