Boko Haram broadcasts a new video of alleged Chibok schoolgirls

The nigerian Government says "come into contact" with the Group Jihad Boko Haram about video broadcast Sunday of the schoolgirls alleged Chibok, removed in the northeast of Nigeria in April 2014. In this new video, a man urged the nigerian Government to release imprisoned Boko Haram fighters. "As this is not the first time that we are contacted in this way, we want to be sure that those with whom we are in contact are those that they claim to be", said nigerian Minister of the Information Lai Mohammed, quoted in a release from the Government.

Boko Haram aired Sunday a video of young girls presented as schoolgirls abducted by the Group nigerian jihadist in April 2014 to Chibok, Northeastern Nigeria, claiming that some were still living and that others had been killed in air raids. "They should know that their children are still in our hands," said a man with the face obscured by a turban on an 11-minute video and posted on YouTube. There is particular of girls wearing veils sitting on the ground and others standing in the background.


"Forty of these girls have been married in accordance with the will of Allah," adds the man on the video. "Others were killed in aerial bombardments", he continues. The bloody uprising by Boko Haram left more than 20,000 dead in Nigeria since 2009. The jihadist Group also abducted thousands of women, children and young men, recruited by force. Among these women and these girls, some have been transformed into sexual and domestic slaves, and sometimes even forced to fight, or to conduct attacks suicide.

The 276 Chibok adolescents had been abducted in the public high school for girls in this city April 14, 2014. This unprecedented kidnapping had caused a wave of indignation in Nigeria and around the world. In the year 2015, the Nigerian Army announced having released hundreds of people, mostly women and children, abducted by Boko Haram, but Chibok schoolgirls were not among them.

Last may, Amina Ali, one of the schoolgirls abducted Chibok, was discovered by local militias and the army in an area still controlled by Boko Haram in Borno State. The return of this schoolgirl had represented a rare glimmer of hope in the calvary of Chibok captives.


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