Election of municipal councillors: the bet of 20 November is tenable?

On the report of the Minister of Territorial Administration, the Council of Ministers, at its meeting of Wednesday, August 10, adopted a draft decree for convening of the electoral college. Thus, the holding of the election of municipal councillors was set to Sunday, November 20, 2016, throughout the national territory.

After more than three successive postponements of the election of municipal councillors is held, the Government has to adopt a new timetable at the Council of Ministers held on Wednesday, August 10th. "The electoral college is summoned on Sunday, November 20, 2016, throughout the national territory in order to proceed to the election of municipal councillors. The election campaign on the occasion of the election of municipal councillors opened Friday, November 04, 2016 at zero hour. It is closed on Friday, November 18, 2016 at midnight", as decided by the Council of Ministers.

In the meantime the deadline set, speculation rife in the headquarters of political parties on the possible compliance of this long-awaited electoral calendar.

It should be remembered, the security situation, the return of refugees, among others, were the arguments that weighed heavily in the balance for the different reports of this election's proximity. A look at the security situation in the country, there is easily that both sought calm is not yet at the rendezvous. Since tribal tension remains very lively in the North of Mali. And intermittently, insecurity is exported to the regions of the South. In any case, without the involvement of all stakeholders, the process may be sealed by impulses of each and other. In addition, there is a concern that deserves to be answered, especially that it's a close election. It is the case of refugees. Especially when we know that most of our compatriots who have found refuge in neighbouring farmers, because of the crisis have not yet returned to the fold because of the instability. And yet, their return was part of the reasons for the repetitive this election postponement. When the world refugee day, held June 20 at the Cité des enfants, Amadou Billy Sebetlela, President of the national commission for refugees, said there 165 000 Malian who remain in exile in neighbouring countries.


For the time being, observers of the Malian political scene wondering if provisions may be taken for the return of refugees before the deadline or if they are going to vote in the refugee camps; the preparations for this election won't – they will not affect the timetable for the implementation of the interim authorities? Can ambient insecurity be halted to keep the election throughout the territory? At any point of view, this bet is difficult, but not impossible. The dice are thus thrown, it is now up to the State of the package for healthy elections, transparency and inclusive.


The stakes of this election's proximity are enormous on many of the plans. This long-awaited electoral rendezvous is, no doubt, an important step in the process of stabilization of Mali. It will enable the communal councillors to rebuild a virginity on the political scene. Because they have lost since beautiful lurettes any legitimacy, their mandate being expired two years ago. If for the Ministry of Territorial Administration, the Organization of this election must make it possible to turn the page on the interim authorities implementing arouses much controversy both in the political sphere and civil society.   But for political parties, these elections seem to be the very opportunity to become aware of their strengths and weaknesses before the presidential elections of 2018. It is a secret that for some time, political leaders are type chest to boast the strong implantation of their party across the country.

When regional elections and those of the district of Bamako?

After the fixation of the timetable for the holding of the election of communal advisors, the largest electoral appointment is one of regional elections and those of the district of Bamako. For the moment, no date is yet set.

Pending a decision by the Government on the issue, the race for succession to the Mayor Adama Sangaré visibly began, at least with more or less revealed some contention.

Already, the power, the rally for Mali (RPM) party, has designated its standard-bearer. It's Issa Guindo, former second counselor in charge of State Affairs to the Mayor of the commune IV of the district, former Mayor of the same town and no less President of the commission of the last social housing allocation.

The other personality in contention is the Party Chairman Yelema, Moussa Mara, not least former Prime Minister of Mali and former Mayor of the commune IV, former Minister of housing and the city's policy.

Obviously, before other statements of candidacy, everything seems to indicate at the moment that the race for the Mayor of the District is a difficult battle.

Boubacar Sidibé


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