Mali: 3 attacks in 48 hours 3 dead, 9 injured, vehicles washed away or burned

Malian soldiers and their allies continue to be the target of terrorist attacks across the territory. The France through Barkhane lost its 18th soldier on Malian soil since operation Serval. During the last 48 hours, there was attacks to Douentza and Rharous Banamba.

Banamba attack 11/07/2016. It was around 00:05 minutes the attackers arrived in the city of Banamba. They did shots of swear everywhere in the city, dogs have barked and fire grew in intensity, according to Djoma Kaiser, a resident that we have attached to the phone. Meanwhile, people were trapped at home. It's after the withdrawal of armed bandits, that the population found that the Agency of the BDM – SA, the only Bank of their city, was looted and burned. Vehicles were swept at the level of the mounted police and the National Guard.

The destruction of the prison resulted in freedom for the prisoners. The custody of the Agency BDM – SA of Banamba and a prison guard were missing. According to the locals that we have attached to the phone, some say that the attackers would be left with them. Others think the opposite. Sebete populations, located not far from Banamba, saw the attackers go towards the circle of Niono in the Ségou region. Many attribute this attack with the brigade of the Macina Ansardine, the Ahmadou Kouffah preacher.

In any case, calm has returned and people resumed their daily activities after a difficult night between shots. The town of Banamba is located 180 Km from Bamako in the Koulikoro region.

Gourma Rharous, one of the circles of the Timbuktu region, was still under attack. On Sunday, November 06, 2016 at 02 in the morning, unidentified armed men attacked the camp of the National Guard of Rharous. 03 vehicles have been swept away and 04 other burned over a filled fuel tanker. The elements in the camp resisted despite the firepower of the attackers. There been no loss of life, but a slight injuries is noticed on the side of Fama.

In the face of the firepower of the terrorists, the Fama withdrew from the city. Behind them, the attackers looted, burned and carried military vehicles. Same Sunday around 10:30, a logistic convoy of the Mali has been the target of a complex attack at 45 km north of Douentza in the Mopti region. An improvised explosive device or a mine exploded at the passage of the convoy followed by firing by the attackers. The balance sheet reported death of a Togolese peacekeeper and two Malian civilians. The peacekeeper has died from his injuries. The Malian Gendarmerie will open an investigation into the circumstances of the presence of two Malian civilians who followed the convoy of the Mali, when the attack took place. Seven Togolese peacekeepers were injured, 3 of them seriously.

Kassim Traoré


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