Mali-Niger border: insecurity is growing

Terrorist groups in the North of Mali are spreading in the Niger territory. In the space of a month three attacks were perpetrated by many deaths among the Niger forces. According to the authorities of this country these attacks are carried out by terrorist groups who have to rear base in the North of Mali. The Minister responsible for security at asked several times to Mali to take measures to avoid exporting his insecurity.

The last attack was on Tuesday. Armed men attacked the positions of the forces of defence and security of the Niger in the small town of Banibangou located about 20 kilometres from the border with Mali. The attack has left 5 dead and 2 injured among the elements of the National Guard.

The attackers as they fled, reportedly also took away two vehicles equipped with machine guns. A few weeks ago another attack had targeted the prison of Koutoukale house arrest ultra secure located north west of Niamey, the assailants who wanted to release prisoners suspected terrorists were repelled by guards stationed in this prison.

The Nigerian authorities had said that the gunmen were likely elements of the Mujao (movement for the uniqueness of the jihad in West Africa) based in northern Mali. These two events, it should be added the attack of a Malian refugees camp. It had made 22 victims among the Nigerian military. According to some sources, these attacks have been organized by Abu Walid El Sahrawis, former Executive of Mujao then AQIM in northern Mali. The latter has recently lent allegiance to the organization Islamic State.

The "big dialogue" show from 9 November was devoted to the terrorist threat and the various cross-border crimes between Mali and Niger. Some observers to a pooling of efforts between the two countries to put an end to insecurity. These analysts believe that unilateral actions will not work.

Kevin Mahamadou, Nigerian journalist was one of the guests of the show.

"Our authorities fail so far to put in place a system of collaboration to secure this part grieving by incessant attacks for some time, because from my point of view, at the political level, it has not taken the measure of the importance of this collaboration. We confine itself to solutions that are unilateral. On the one hand, the Niger who made efforts in its part and on the other side, Mali who tries to make efforts also.

But, from my point of view, not enough. That we have go to the pooling of efforts, because it is when even a border on which neither of the two States has absolute control, because it is enough for them. People come and go, so it's rather a pooling of the efforts of the joint patrols in the image of what is happening between Mali and Mauritania and to the image of what is happening between Niger and Nigeria on the other side".



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