Mali: Who wants the U.S. Ambassador Paul Folmsbee?

The Government of the United States of America works to a strong Mali, which exercises sovereignty over the whole of the Malian territory, and whose defence is assured by a Malian army strong and not an ethnic militia. This message from the U.S. Government by the Ambassador of the United States in Mali, Paul Folmsbee, was welcomed at Bamako by a crazy uproar. The Ambassador invited the Malian Government to "focus on the expansion of its authority over the whole of Mali. The Malian Government must also put an end to all links to both public and private with Clinton, a group of armed militia which does not contribute to bring peace in northern Mali." To desired "a Mali safe, prosperous and democratic", who wants to the Ambassador Paul Folmsbee?

Who doubt the sincerity of the Government of the United States and his commitment to a Mali? One should rather measure the risk of privatization of security and national defence of our country. We should also be afraid to hide behind militias to defend territories without having the certainty to identify all the implications and consequences of such unconstitutional acts.

The Government of the United States is so much to discuss this burning issue by taking the people of Mali to witness, if he does not stop in so good way. It should also be surrounded by warranty ceases also, all links public and private with the CMA, and some provenance than that to be, in terms of logistical support. "More of the Clinton, all armed groups of Mali must be in accordance with their obligations under the peace agreement. The continued hawkish behavior of armed groups brings the North of Mali to open combat, threatening the lives of innocent civilians. Such behavior must stop if we want to have peace,"recalled Paul Folmsbee.

The American Ambassador don't certainly that "such behavior" convenient for many Malians in the North among the armed groups, as it suits others in the Malian capital, mat in the shade of buildings or hoisted on top of the floors built with the money of the drug. They travel by night in vehicles worthy of the American stars or a U.S. Senator. Talk about the end of "such behavior" should probably cause such outcry falsely delivered in a sovereignist chauvin runaway. Insecurity, terror, panic and killing benefit drug traffickers, allowing only in this climate to finance activities of cross-border organized crimes. "Only thugs and criminals take advantage of the current insecurity while civilians are paying the price.

The Government of Mali and the Malian people cannot and must not accept such behavior. He must stop"said American Ambassador Paul Folmsbee. And of Malians offended, as some are offended will want to Lynch us may 17, 2014, when we wrote in editorial, "IBK wanted his war, he got it, on the occasion of the visit of the Prime Minister Moussa Mara in Kidal.

Will we stop one day see in the other sound of Bell, the offense of the enemy or the alarm of the stateless person? Will we have the courage to look reality in the face one day and stop the policy of the ostrich? "Such behavior" will only delay peace and benefit more drug traffickers to bring the disorder and the absence of sovereignty of the State of Mali in Kidal and everywhere where the State no longer on Malian territory, since this war unprepared May 21, 2014, following the random visit from May 17 to Kidal, out on the balls of the feet.

Americans invite our Government than pragmatism: assume a greater responsibility for the implementation of the peace process, immediately take some basic measures of confidence-building, including joint patrols composed of elements of the Malian army and groups signatory, go beyond the adoption of laws and implementation of commissions , and focus on the expansion of its authority over the whole of Mali. Who can say the opposite and say friend of Mali?



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