Market: The calm after the storm

Market market, young traders have promised to return friend Kane, the Governor of Bamako, on its decision to clear them off of public roads, but yesterday they showed.

After the abandonment of the main arteries of the capital, young traders gathered to hear, through sporadic events. Therefore, victims of the extent traders took assault boulevard that faces the National Assembly, on Monday, August 15.

The organizers and elements of the security forces violently clashed in the market. Even though traders were damaged during the clashes, they had registered their action plan in the long term to roll back the "Iron Lady" nickname stuck to Ms. s Aminata Kane, head of the regional Executive of the district of Bamako.

Unhappy with the continuation of the operation of abandonment, several young traders blocked Monday morning the various arteries leading to the large market of Bamako. They burned tires and barricaded passages. To clear, the police fired tear gas. Young people, determined to fight to be heard, retaliated by throwing stones. They have managed to postpone a meeting in the Assembly.

Youth have indicated that the manifestation of Monday is the beginning of a long struggle to tell the authorities that they are not in agreement with this abandonment. "Now, we will fight to defend our jobs. "We are not bandits, but just some Malians as others who want to feed their families…"

At the time of passage of our reporting team, the front of the National Assembly was deserted of the beautiful world of traders.

Donna Romeo


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