Mrs. Sy Kadiatou Sow, President of the Association Adema

"To deal with the many crises that destabilize, Mali has more than ever need the commitment of all her children"

As part of the commemoration of his 26th birthday, the "Alliance for democracy in Mali" Association, organized a conference-debate under the theme: "community life and youth" Saturday, October 29, 2016 at the pyramid of remembrance. This conference debate was moderated by Dountan Coulibaly, Deputy Secretary to the formation of the Association Alliance for democracy in Mali (Adema Association) in the presence of the President of the Association Adema, Mrs. Sy Kadiatou Sow, former Minister and former Governor of the district of Bamako, Ali N Diallo, former president of the National Assembly of Mali and other personalities. During the conference debate, Mrs. Sy Kadiatou Sow has traced the crucial role of youth associations in the advent of democracy in Mali in March 1991. Then, she indicated that all the problems facing Mali today including insecurity, bad governance, will not be resolved without the strong involvement of young people. Mrs. Sy invited youth to take the place that it has in society.

Several personalities took part in this conference debate including former Minister Iba N'diaye, Souleymane Koné party Fare Anka Wuli diplomat and many others. In its introductory words, the President of the "Alliance for democracy in Mali" Association, Mrs. Sy Kadiatou Sow pointed out that young people are the most important section of the population and key players in the construction of the present and the future of our country. "They keep to demand change. And they have proved through significant periods in our history, they are carriers of change.

It is the place to acknowledge the crucial role of youth associations in the advent of democracy in our country. We, for our part, there is no age to worthily serve his homeland, put all his intelligence, his skills and abilities to the service of his country. And to deal with the many crises that destabilize him, Mali has more than ever need the commitment of all its children. "Dear cadets, there is more time to lose, it is now that he must organize to act together and do your part to your duty of generation", she said.

In addition, Mrs. Sy Kadiatou Sow urged young people to contribute to the consolidation of Malian democracy. "All the problems that beset today Mali, (be it the insecurity, the employment problem of bad governance, concerns of a national part of the territory) will not be able to settle without the strong involvement of young people. They take things in hand.

They need to train, learn and act", concluded the President of Adema Association. As for the speaker, Dountan Coulibaly, he said that the Association has today a challenge of size, to bring as many young people to make it stronger and more efficient. "This youth scattered is used for election purposes. Rarely consulted for major national decisions, ignored and undervalued by the political class.

It is for these reasons that many young people have turned away from politics. Others came together so that our country can initiate the desired change of mentality", the speaker said.

According to him, the death of the youth engagement, the inability of the political parties to mobilize and generally, the disengagement of the population constitute a danger for Malian democracy. It to believe, Adema Association helps promote young people by making them more accountable, more citizens, more aware and involved in their destiny.

Aguibou Sogodogo


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