ORTM: The beginnings of a public service more efficient and credible

Sidiki do Fa Konaté, DG of Office of radio and television of Mali, waiting now offer another image to the institution he leads. He has initiated a gigantic project entitled: "Project management for the ORTM" to make more public, more credible and efficient institution.

 This project for the promotion of the door ORTM first and foremost on the development of a letter of engagement "co-signed by the Minister and the Director general of the ORTM which will be translated later in 2016-2018 triennial action plan in order to build a credible public radio-TV due to its contents and its performance through its benefits".

Sidiki do Fa Konaté waiting put in place a management team dynamic and motivated, with the direction of the State and the public thing and train staff to the basic elements of the management of the radio-TV company. Including the appropriate modules, operating on the principle of the action learning method. Then breathe a dynamic of dialogue with the Union and all the workers to create a climate of confidence, an entrepreneurial culture and conditions of staff motivation.

Administrative and financial management, the project includes of "reread the organization chart, the organic framework, accounting, and administrative and financial Handbook the specification and the establishment agreement during the period 2016-2017".

Chapters information, magazine information and sport, DG offers to "place the ORTM in the heart of the news and major events" developing "national competitions through contracts of partnership with the various sports federations (2016-2018) of our country".

Following damage to the communication tool in Bamako and in the regions, and the failure of the means of production, documentary and reportage, the DG of the ORTM proposes to "rehabilitating the communication tool", through an extensive program of regional and local stations equipment and the pursuit of the total coverage of the country in TV – FM, current 2016-2018.

On the other hand, will be discussed to deal with competition, in reviewing the content of programs focusing on national languages, close programs and domestic production (magazines, serials and TV series reflecting the socio-cultural realities of our country).

This year of 2016, Sidiki do Fa Konaté proposes to "proceed to a review of all contracts the ORTM has concluded with its national and international partners" and strengthen its partnership with the IUT, Cirtef, the UAR and the Rapaf to speed up digitisation.

It also comes to revive before the end 2016 some large projects and projects of ORTM, including the "construction of the Tower of the Radio-TV on the road to Kati" and "the full scanning equipment of production, diffusion and reception".

The State service to the public

The project intends to make the passage of the State Radi-TV effective than public service, by building "a radio-TV aimed not at consumers, but to citizens", which reflects the concerns of Malians in their diversity, which promotes the Malian culture, and which takes account of the objectives for sustainable development. Also a radio-TV that promotes the participation of citizens in the public thing such as contradictory debates with lines open on TV and radio and in national languages, at the national and regional levels.

The DG of the ORTM also plans to make effective decentralization of media through a policy in favour of regional and local media for the effective implementation of the agreement for peace and national reconciliation. Sidiki do Fa Konate wants to make the ORTM media which must "give visibility and legibility to the actions of the president of the Republic, the Government, the National Assembly and all the institutions of the Republic". And help people understand the actions through contradictory debates between political parties, civil society, animating the life of the nation.

The DG plans to 'find funding at the level of the special Budget for investment and own revenue of ORTM through new products, an attractive for advertisers grid and at the level of multilateral and bilateral Mali partners'.

Alpha Ma Cheng


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