Cabinet reshuffle: list of new Government (Koulouba, July 07, 2016)

List of new Government

DECREE NO. 2016-0510 / P – RM OF JULY 07, 2016


Witnessed: the Constitution
Witnessed: Decree No. 2015-003 / P – RM of 08 January 2015 concerning the appointment of the Prime Minister;

On a proposal of the Prime Minister;

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Article 1: are appointed members of the Government of:

1. Minister of Territorial Administration: Abdoulaye Idrissa Maiga
2. Minister of defence and Veterans: Tiéman Hubert Coulibaly
3. Minister of Mines: Pr Tiémoko Sangaré
4. Minister of security and Civil Protection: Brigadier-General Salif Traoré
5. Minister of solidarity and Humanitarian Action: Hamadou Konate
6. Minister of Foreign Affairs, cooperation and African Integration: Abdoulaye Diop
7. Minister of Justice and rights of man, keeper of the seals: Mr. Mamadou Ishmael Konaté
8. Minister of decentralization and reform of the State: Mohamed Ag Erlaf
9. Minister of economy and finance: Dr Boubou Cissé
10. Minister of National Reconciliation: Mohamed El Moctar
11. Minister of Malians living abroad: Dr. Abdourhamane Sylla
12. Minister for the Promotion of investment and the private sector: Rabiathul Santos
13. The areas of the State and land Affairs Minister: Mr. Mohamed Ali Bathily
14. Agriculure Minister: Kassoum Denon
15. Minister of livestock and fisheries: Dr. Nango Dembélé
16. Minister of National Education: Pr Kenekouo said Barthélémy Togo
17. Minister of higher education and scientific research: Pr Emma Ruth Saha Matthew
18. Minister for the digital economy and Communication, Government spokesman: Mr. Mountaga Tall
19. Minister of equipment, transport and the opening-up: Ms. Traoré Seynabou Diop
20. Minister of town planning and Habitat: Ousmane Kaur
21. Minister of industrial development: Mohamed Ali Ag Ibrahim
22. Minister of employment and vocational training: Ma Baby
23. Minister of health and public health: Dr. Marie Madeleine Togo
24. Minister of labour and public service, responsible for Relations with Institutions: Ms. Diarra Wallace Talla
25. Minister of trade: Abdel Karim Konate
26. Minister of energy and water: Malick Opoku
27. Minister of the environment, sanitation and sustainable development: Mrs. Kamrani Aida M'bo
28. Minister of planning of the territory and of the Population: Alexander Bana di
29. Minister of Culture: Ms. do N'diaye Dhunna
30. Minister of crafts and tourism: Ms. Nina Walett Intallou
31. Minister of Promotion of women, the child and the family: Mrs. Sangaré Oumou Ba
32. Sports Minister: Lester Aggarwal Guindo
33. Minister of religious affairs and worship: Hoai Omar Hass Diallo
34. Minister of youth and civic Construction: Amadou Kat

Article 2: this Decree which repeals all earlier contrary provisions, including those of Decree No. 2016-0022 / P – RM of 15 January 2016 on the appointment of members of the Government, shall be registered and published in the Official Journal.

Bamako, July 07, 2016

The President of the Republic,
Ibrahim Boubacar KEITA

The Prime Minister,
Modibo KEITA

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