Results DEF 2016: 30.02% of the workforce turn to consider

The results of the examination of the diploma of fundamental DEF fell Saturday, July 9, 2016. 30.02% of the 235 524 registered get their precious sesame. These results relate the academies of teaching of the national territory 17 making the examination, except the Kidal region which does not consist this year also.

With a rate of 30.02% of a workforce of 235.524, the DEF 2016 session displays a low success rate, compared to last year which makes more happy with 33% of the 217,519. The success rate is 3%.

The Academy of education of Gao ranks first national with 47.01% admission rate. She made last year 42.85% rate for admission to the DEF. Then comes that of Douentza with 45.75% success increase on the rate of 2015, 42.95%.



The third national is the region of Mopti with 35.74% of admission rates. A rate that will drop on 2015, 45.95%. All from the North, these three academies are at the top of success this year. They beat by far those of the South. Sikasso coming in first place this year, South side of the country with 33.79%. The right bank of Bamako with 31.61% against 30.91 in 2015 admission rate. Then the Academy of kita 29.92% which better made in 2015, 36.66%), that of Bougouni (28.81 against 35.45% in 2015) and just the Academy of the left bank of Bamako with 28.58% success rate in almost all academies of teaching, of Dioïla nevertheless recorded an increase of important success in this session the DEF with 24.24% 2016 against 18.24% a difference of 6.01% the most positive. Timbuktu Academy who arrived first national in 2015 is the tail of the Pack in term forfeiture of success. By 61.63% in 2015, it saves 26.55% in 2016.

With 23.65% admission rate, the Academy of education of San has the lowest rate of success of the 2016 DEF.

Given the atmosphere of calm in which DEF 2016 took place, we can say that the present rate, weak as it is, reflects a level to improve in national education

Aminata Traoré  


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