Soumaïla Cissé, President of the Urd, leader of the opposition


During the election campaign of the elections of November 20, 2016, the president of the Union for the Republic and democracy (Urd), the Honourable Soumaïla Cissé, leader of the opposition, sent a message to officials, activists and supporters of his party. According to him, the Urd is competing in 637 communes in the country. News requires, the leader of the opposition took the opportunity to express themselves on the security situation in Mali, which remains fragile. "Terrorists and jihadists attacks affect, in addition to the North, the Center and the South of the country, plunging suddenly populations into a situation of panic and despair every time causing a funeral procession unprecedented and very many injured", said the Honourable Soumaïla Cissé.

"The election campaign has been opened on 04 November 2016 in a situation of growing insecurity which dangerously threatens the foundations of our dear Mali. No need to remind you that the governance of our country is characterised by corruption, the misappropriation and nepotism, clientelism and patronage. Financial mismanagement and waste of resources have become the rule with impunity.

The problems and crises affecting the heart of the power accumulated so that the morale of the people and political spirit, as well as the international credibility of our institutions are met", this is in essence what emerges from this message from the Honourable Soumaïla Cissé, delivered November 8 denier.

He added that the widespread and growing insecurity affects dangerously peace and Social tranquility. "The terrorist attacks affect, in addition to the North, the centre and the South of the country plunging suddenly populations into a situation of panic and despair every time causing a funeral procession unprecedented and very many injured. Not later than yesterday and before yesterday Niafunké, Banamba, Gourma Rharous and Douentza have been the targets of terrorist attacks", said the leader of the Malian opposition.

It is in these conditions that Soumaïla Cissé has invited activists of his party to beat campaign to demonstrate to the population bruised that the Urd is the credible alternative. Furthermore, he reported that the process of implementation of the peace agreement stalled in an incomprehensible way.

The URD competing in 637 communes in the country

"Your belief and determination enabled our party to be competing in 637 communes in the country. What feat. Especially considering the difficulties in which you operate and bullying and other injustices that you regularly the object, only for your conviction and your unwavering faith in the URD. "I have a thought to the place of our many fellow refugees and or moved that we gave not the chance to participate in the electoral process", said the president of the Urd activists.

Thus, he invited officials, activists, friends, allies and supporters, to conduct a civilized campaign, smoothly, without name-calling, without violence, in respect of the other. "I know, we have been victims of calumny, malice, lie; We will continue to be victims by what others have decided to settle in this disastrous posture to achieve their ambitions;  Please kindly oppose common sense, the hand held out to all these incongruities.

"Verbal violence and or physical has never solved a problem, instead it takes away us from the essential ', continued the opponent Soumaïla Cissé.

According to him, at the top of the State's bad governance has bruised, humiliated the activists of the Urd. For this purpose, he asked its militants to not reproduce this horrible copy at the top of the communities. "These elections give you the opportunity to choose men and women committed to solve your problems.

That's why the URD chose men and women of great experience, irreproachable moral probity, from all the obediences professional, ready to sacrifice to serve you so you can: to live in a healthy, peaceful and secure; easy access to basic social services; to have sports infrastructure and community facilities to improve your living environment", concluded the Honourable Soumaïla Cissé.

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