The Germany deploys LUNA drones in Mali

As part of its deployment within the MINUSMA (integrated multidimensional Mission of United Nations stabilization in Mali), the Germany announced the start of reconnaissance and surveillance drone LUNA missions.

They have obtained certification of the United Nations for flights of recognition on Malian territory on June 24, five days before a first operational mission of three hours. The German army in fact takes over from the Dutch army at Gao, who previously deployed ScanEagle drones.


Drone LUNA displays six-hour flight, a range of 70km and an altitude up to 5,000 meters, while providing capabilities to broadcast streaming video in real time as well as infrared images.

The German Minister Ursula von der Leyen had referred to a deployment of Heron 1 drones in last April, three air vectors could reach Mali from November onwards. German air assets implemented in Africa currently involve also two C – 160 Transall, stationed at the airbase of Niamey in Niger.



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