Turkey: Erdogan would lose – it the reason

The attempted coup of July 15, sounds now as a blessing for president Erdogan who took the opportunity to finally settle all accounts with all those who are not looking in his direction.

The leaders of the countries of Europe, he asks them to deal with their affairs, that this matter of botched putsch is domestic cuisine. Indoor kitchen, the Turkish autocrat, the word is not strong, is conducting a true purge in his country. On behalf of what law or what constitutional provision, Erdogan allows – it put the country upside down? More than 15,000 people detained and among whom, officers, teachers, journalists, judges, political professionals and relatives of political opponents? In addition to the arrests of journalists, these are more than 130 media (TV and Radio and newspapers), which are closed, with the key, the inquiry more of 140 journalists, 147 according to some sources.

He blames these confreres, their nearby with his nemesis, Fethulah Gulun. The democratic and plural Europe strongly backed by respect for human rights, would accept this intolerable situation? It would happen in an African country that Europe would be lifted to demand the departure of the man who runs this country outright. Fortunately it is in Asia or in Saudi, let alone in Africa, but in the heart of a country that claims to be from Europe, and who ceases to apply for admission to horns and shouts to the old continent. Now in Turkey, is the time for the exercise of the will of the president Erdogan who prevails, all his will, a way to shape his technique, one that will allow him to stay indefinitely at the power.

Haman Khadra


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