Valls supports the burkini ban but not legislate

The Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, supports the choice of a handful of french mayors to prohibit the burkini on their beaches while precluding national legislation on the matter. "I understand the mayors who in this time of tension, tend to seek solutions, avoid disturbances to public order," said the Prime Minister in an interview with the daily La Provence published Wednesday.

It supports elected officials having taken orders anti-burkini, "if they are motivated by the desire to encourage living together, without political thought back".

"The beaches as any public space must be preserved religious claims. The burkini is not a new line of swimwear, a fashion. It is the translation of a political project, of counter-society, based inter alia on the enslavement of women", he continues.

The Prime Minister however refuses to consider legislating on the subject. "The general regulation of the clothing requirements cannot be a solution," he said, adding that the law prohibiting the wearing of full face veils in public space must be applied.

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The Socialist Mayor of Sisco, Haute-Corse, announced Monday issued an order prohibiting the "burkini" on the beaches of the municipality after clashes Saturday, attributed to a dispute over the port of this garment of bath covering for Muslim women.

Mayors Republicans Cannes and Villeneuve-Loubet, in the Maritime Alps, had taken similar orders.

"In the case of Sisco, the investigation is ongoing and I call quiet, as also all the Corsican elected representatives. So general, is not for people to take justice themselves, so much less in a period where there's too much amalgam, where the right lasts and the far right want to create a climate of overall questioning of Muslims in France", says Manuel Valls.

It also seeks to reassure Muslims in France. "I'll add, to the attention of our Muslim compatriots, that we will be as ruthless against all those who would like to take them as scapegoats and see in islam an ideal guilty of acts of terrorism", he said.


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